Tesco Cookies in S-Market, Ivalo, Lapland, Finland. Making this place technically the most northerly Tesco on Earth.
1) „You go first“ & „say sorry“ when bumped into. Proper queuing manners. Service provided with a smile. Finnish people have a high level of trust for each other, just like the British do (or even more so, as the Brits heavily rely on CCTV etc., which is slightly less of a thing in Finland).

2) TV channels. The four principal TV channels of the UK are BBC One, BBC Two, ITV and Channel 4. The four principal channels of Finland are YLE1, YLE2, MTV3 and Nelonen (= Four). ITV has Coronation Street, MTV3 has Salutat Elämät (Secret Lives). ITV has Good Morning Britain, MTV3 has Huomenta Suomi. MTV3 also broadcasts Emmerdale which is an ITV production.

3) The love for good food in general. Finland even has Tesco products. („Tesco Finest“ and „Free From“ are available in S-Markets, so the S-Market in Ivalo would technically be world’s most northerly Tesco – however the Tesco Clubcard won’t help me there as the S-Etukortti reigns supreme.) Marks & Spencer in Finland unfortunately doesn’t do food anymore though.

4) UK has an independent chippy culture. Finland has a Grillikioski culture. Both countries traditionally like hearty and heavy meals keeping one warm in winter, but have embraced newish innovations like the sushi burrito.

Even the Food Hygiene Rating of a Helsinki ice cream parlor is bilingual.
5) Bilingualism. Helsinki with its bilingual Finnish/Swedish signs almost feels like a (wealthier) Cardiff in Wales!

6) A clean and modern railway fleet. The British have somewhat declined in quality with #southernfail, but VR is still excellent. Similarly, the Brits and the Finns both keep their transportation premises in great condition, well-lit, with good accessibility.

7) A structural dominance of a Conservative political ideology. The most powerful Finnish party, Kesk (Centre), is associated with ALDE but its platform would be considered Conservative in most neighbouring countries.

8) Both are also „nations of shopkeepers“. Finnish consumers aren’t big online shoppers. The independent shop is still fairly alive and well.

9) UK has Manchester. Finland has Tampere, the „Manchester of the North“.

10) The love for contactless payments. Its immediate neighbours like Norway and Sweden lag behind in the adoption.

11) This one is for the fintech girls and guys: Both countries are „offline pin“ countries.

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