Some of you may still be using older software. After all these have fairly low CPU and RAM requirements which can be useful especially when using VMs, and often these can be bought for little money on eBay.

I for myself am actually still using Windows 2000 Server (and Windows 2003 Server) and Office 2000 Premium (bought for about £20… and it can open 2007 and 2010 docx/xlsx formats with the File Format Converters) in a VirtualBox. It’s quite speedy and 256 MB RAM for the VM is sufficient.

Problem: Recently I ran into a problem when installing Borland Delphi 5 (Professional). I ran into a bunch of error message boxes at the end of installation which all had a message similar to „FileGrep Failure: File_NOT_FOUND :reg.brf“. While the freshly installed Delphi 5 will run despite the error messages, the installation is in fact incomplete. Update Pack 1 refused installation as it couldn’t find a present Delphi 5 installation. (Similar problems might be caused by C++Builder 5.)

Solution: The culprit is Microsoft Security Essentials. You need to turn off MSE’s real time protection and reinstall Delphi 5 (you can pick the „Registry only“ option this time). Older versions of Norman AntiVirus, and other anti-virus programmes may cause similar issues.

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